5 Reasons for Freelance Providers to Take oDesk Tests!

Published: 02nd December 2008
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Freelance providers on the oDesk network can take the more than 150 technical and business skills tests for FREE, then add their scores to their oDesk Profile and leverage the results to get freelance jobs. The skills test scores are included in their provider profiles, allowing a potential employer (referred to as a Buyer) looking at their profile to objectively measure the strength of the freelancer's skills.

The oDesk skills tests are prepared by experienced professionals with several years of experience in their technical domains under ISO 9001-2000 specifications. The questions have been through several rounds of analysis by experts to help build well-balanced, comprehensive, and meaningful tests.

Considering the value and availability of these tests, there are 5 primary reasons that every freelance provider should take them:

1. Make more money. Potential buyers use test scores to make hiring decisions. Having oDesk Tests on one's Profile increases the chances of getting a freelance job (at higher rates).

2. Show off skills. oDesk Tests cover a wide range of freelance skills including ASP.Net, C, C++, PHP, Java, English language and many more. All tests are developed under ISO 9001-2000 specifications.

3. Taking tests is simple. Most tests take 40 minutes to complete and are automatically added to the taker's oDesk Freelance Provider Profile. The entire process is streamlined through the oDesk website, so there is no need to go to other websites or create extra logins.

4. Retake tests. Providers can retake any test after 14 days. If the provider's freelance skills improve, he/she can retake the test to show the best score for each skills test on their oDesk Profile.

5. Complete control. After the provider completes a freelance skills test, they have the choice of adding the score to their Profile, or not showing it and retaking the test later. Taking the freelance skills tests is completely risk-free.

For buyers, oDesk test scores will enable them to make intelligent hiring decisions. A buyer can use the provider's freelance skills test scores to search, rank and sort candidates when they are looking to hire someone for a job opening. A buyer can also have freelance providers take specific skills tests as a requirement for selection for a specific job opening.

All oDesk Tests are available for free for all oDesk Freelance Providers and do not require anything other than being logged into one's oDesk account.

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